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General Information about being a WEHL Manager

Here's a link to our presention containing all of the essentials for managing your player's hockey team! 

2019-2020 Tips and Instructions for Managers

Season Start: Getting Prepared for the Season

Complete your Team List

  • Templates (with instructions) will be e-mailed to the Manager and Head Coach.
  • Enter qualifications/certifications with associated numbers – MANDATORY – lists will be sent back if info is incomplete!
  • Team Lists with deficiencies will not be approved by Hockey Canada.
  • Send to by October 13th !

Open a Team Bank Account

Email VP Administration to request an official WEHL letter that you can use to open a team bank account. Please include your Division and Team Number in the email, eg. Atom B3. If you receive any team sponsorship, have the cheque made payable to the WEHL.

Plan your Tournaments:

Tournaments can book up - plan early to avoid disappointment!

Travel Permits are required for some out of town tournaments

  • District B (e.g WEHL Tournament at the Senslex) No travel permit is requried
  • ​Pembroke, Petawawa, & Arnprior: Team Travel Permit is not required for tournaments in Pembroke, Petawawa and Arnprior (refer to HEO Minor website for a list of associations you do not require a team travel permit to travel to).  
  • Tournaments Outside of HEO Minor but within Canada: Complete an  Application for Team Travel Permit (Excel) or Application for Team Travel Permit (PDF).  List ALL players and bench staff travelling for the tournament. Please email a final copy to the WEHL President and to the Alternate District B Chair for final approval.  
  • Tournaments in the United States: You will need to complete an  Application for Team Travel to the UNITED STATES Permit. This travel permit must be accompanied by an official HEO Minor team roster showing the names of those players and bench staff travelling for the tournament. If affiliated players are travelling, you must also have their home team list. Once completed, please email a copy to the WEHL President and to the Alternate District B Chair for final approval.
  • For tournaments requiring travel permits - once signed, you should submit a copy to your tournament organizer and also carry a copy with you during the tournament. This is proof that your team is covered by Hockey Canada insurance while travelling for a tournament.

Pre-Game Activities:

Game Sheets & Labels

The HOME team is responsible for providing a game sheet for all league games. Game sheets are available in the locked mailbox at J.A. Dulude Arena - contact your Convenor for the combination. Please take only 10 game sheets at a time as the league pays for them. It is the Manager's responsibility to complete the "home" side of the game sheet before the game and hand it to the "visiting" team to complete. Please refer to the WEHL Game Sheet Instructions for direction on how to complete a game sheet correctly. Once completed, it is your responsibility to get the game sheet returned to you and hand it to the timekeeper, who in turn hands it to the referees.

You must fill in the name of the players and their jersey numbers - we have provided a template for labels that you can print & stick on. Remember, these are the names of the players actually playing - cross off any players who are absent. You must also list the names of the Coaching staff, your name as Manager and the Trainer's name and Trainer number. The Team Officials must all sign the game sheet. Remember to apply a label to each copy of the game sheet. Label templates & instructions are below:

Referees for Exhibition Games

If you plan to do any exhibition games, you will need to book & pay for your own referees. The following links will be helpful:

Game Day Activities

The HOME team is responsible for running the clock, and recording penalties at the WEHL arenas: Dulude, BAS, and Tom Brown. This will require two volenteers from the home team - one to run the clock, and one to update the game sheet. It can be done by one persion but two is much better. Try to get volenteers ahead of time - Team Snap can be used to assign parents to these roles.

Each of the arenas have different Timeclocks - the Operating Instructions are:

After the game the home team is responsible for posting the score to update the league standings:

Other Information