Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements

As has been reported in the press, Ontario is bringing in new Covid-19 vaccine requirements effective Sept 22, 2021.  Please note that the District B Covid-19 Vaccine Policy continues to exist and will mesh with the new provincial policy going forward.
Starting Wed Sept 22, 2021 WEHL volunteers will be responsible for checking vaccination proof and photo ID for everyone entering the arena/dressing room part of the facility.  Please show up with a vaccine document in the foreground on an electronic device or on paper and photo ID to make the process smooth.  If you arrive at the rink early, please don't enter the arena/dressing room part of the facility until a safety volunteer is there for your session.
To review how our combination of policies apply to various community members:
  • WEHL players and spectators born in 2010 or later - vaccines are not authorized and individuals can enter freely.
  • WEHL players born in 2009 or earlier - the Distirct B policy mandates that players are double vaccinated by Oct 15.  WEHL is actively tracking player vaccine status.
  • Team volunteers, parents and spectators born in 2009 or earlier - vaccination is required under the Ontario regulations effective Sept 22.
These policies are coming from the Province/City and District B, but if you feel the need to discuss the policies with us, please email our president.
The WEHL board anticipates implementation of the Ontario Vaccine requirement to evolve as time goes; we are trying to give you the best view we have for activities in the coming days.
For at least the next two weeks the bulk of effort for our programs is falling on the shoulder of our convenors.  Please offer to help your child's convenor for at least a couple of hours as this policy adds effort to the program delivery.